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Biosphere Reserve Information


Mongol Daguur


The beautiful steppe and wetlands territory of Mongol Daguur represent mainly low-mountainous landscapes that support a variety of fauna and flora species with potential natural resources in Mongolia. Situated in the furthest eastern tip of Mongolia and bordered with Russia, the trans-boundary ecosystem provides nesting and breeding grounds to globally endangered species on an area of 358 km2. Many different types of steppe ecosystems are represented in the area, such as grasslands and island forest, as well as lakes and wetlands, which serve as habitats for rare species of fauna, including White-naped crane, Great Bustard, Relict Gull and Swan goose, as well as millions of vulnerable, endangered or threatened migratory birds. It serves as a migratory stopover site for many rare or critically threatened birds. It is also a critical site for the transboundary migration of the Mongolian gazelle.


Dornod province has a population of around 80,000 people and it includes different ethnic groups (khalkh, buriad, barga, uzemhin and others). Around 2000 people live in the Biosphere Reserve itself.  The herder households live and raise their livestock using traditional ways of making hay, building fences, and moving from one pasture to another. The Dornod province is a cultural, communication, trade, industry and information regional centre of Eastern province of Mongolia. The management plan for transition zone of Mongol Daguur defines the overall and specific objectives of the biosphere reserve, identifies negative human impacts and constraints to achieving those objectives, and to provide support in ensuring healthy living and working environment for households.


Special designations

  • In 1992, officially declared as a National Special protected area

  • In 1994, the area was established as trilateral (China-Mongolia-Russia) protected area (Daurian International Protected Area)

  • In 1997, listed in RAMSAR convention for International Wetlands

  • In 1998, joined North East Asian Crane Protection Network

  • In 2007, designated as Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO

  • In 2008, designated as the International Bird Important Area

  • In 2013 included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • In 2017 designated as the World Heritage Site

Administrative Authorities

Administration of Dornod Mongol Special Protected Area


Mr Kh.Dashdorj, Director

Contact Address

Eastern Mongolian Protected area administration

P.O. Box   401, Choibalsan city

000007 Dornod province, Mongolia


(976) 7058-3373




Area (hectares)

Total Area


Core Area


Buffer Area


Transition Area



49°37'00''N - 50°00'00''N

114°29'00''E - 115°35'00''E


(976) 7058-3373



Last updated: 2019

Designated year:

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