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EABRN Steering Committee Session

Moderator: Dr. Suk-Kyung Shim, the vice-chairperson of the EABRN

Elaboration of the EABRN Steering Committee Session

During the session, the following issues were discussed. These include:

● Challenges and prospects for the development of the East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network;

● Actions and joint project to be undertaken at the Network level in the coming 2 years;

● Location and thematic focus for next EABRN meeting and the Training workshop.

Results of the discussion from the parallel session for BRs representatives

● Organisation of regional meetings of young people who are representatives of the EABRN member countries;

● Introduction of a special subject for environmental education in the curriculum of schools for EABRN member countries;

● Popularisation of scientific research through their adaptation for public understanding;

● Conducting joint scientific research on rare species of animals and plants, as well as on climate change;

● The complexity of observing rare animal species may be complicated by the fact that the habitat of some animal species may extend beyond the territories of countries where there are agreements on joint research.

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