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Young Volunteers Boosting the Nature Education and Community Services of Chebaling Biosphere Reserve

From August 19 to 21, 2022, the Youth Volunteer Training Camp entitled "Ecology · Community · Future" was held in UNESCO Chebaling Biosphere Reserve, China. 30 young talents from Peking University, Macao City University, South China Agricultural University, Southern University of Science and Technology and other universities participated in the training camp. After the training, these young volunteers will actively participate in nature education and community services in the reserve during the volunteer service period.

Group photos of youth volunteers in Chebaling BR

This training has attracted a total of 600 applicants, and after several rounds of selection, 30 young talents got the opportunity to participate. The training camp helps volunteers to establish a systematic understanding of Chebaling BR's history, patrol work, scientific research work, science popularization work and community services in the form of combination between lectures and outdoor visits. Prof. Ye, a postdoc of Harvard University, was invited to share his comparative study of Amazon rainforest and Chebaling broad-leaved forest, and inspired students to think, discuss and put forward feasible and innovative suggestions by drawing on other's experience. Finally, the camp examined the volunteers' achievements after two months of rematch preparation online and three days of offline training. During the training, the reserve also held a ceremony to recognize the outstanding members of the previous phase of the young volunteers. The design of the overall curriculum helps participants to have a comprehensive understanding of the key tasks of Chebaling Nature Reserve, while helping them to actively think and absorb what they have learned, and form the concept of understanding of harmonious symbiosis between man and nature as well as the practice to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 13 (SDG13) and the practice put into by Chebaling to promote such concept.

On-site training in the Chebaling BR

Chebaling Biosphere Reserve, located in the north of Guangdong Province, China, was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2007. Guided by the Seville Strategy and the Lima Action Plan, efforts have been made to develop partnerships to attract more people, especially young people, to participate in the management and construction of the reserve, and positive results have been achieved. Last year, natural science popularization volunteers carried out the natural science popularization action of "Reaching out" to take classes to the campus during the epidemic. Eight primary schools near the BR were served by small-class natural science popularization interactive classes, campus natural science popularization propaganda and education activities, and Chebaling donated campus nature book corner, serving over 3000 people in total. This year, voluntary service for the popularization of natural science into the community has been added. On August 24 and 25, 2022, new and old volunteers worked together to serve the left-behind children at the community around Chebaling Nature Reserve. In the follow-up, they will pair up with the left-behind children in the form of letters to help solve their study and life problems.

Serving the left-behind children at the community

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